About Mimice

It is not a coincidence that Alberto Fortis, Venetian traveller and writer, passing near Mimice said:

“This is a place of absolute beauty.”

mimice-1Mimice is a small Mediterranean place with mild climate situated in the centre of Adriatic. It lays between the Omiška Dinara Mountain and beautiful pebble beaches.
Mimice is more than three centuries old, the proof of which are the monuments found near the local church. The inhabitants, friends and guests of Mimice, that spend every free moment here, are aware of the beauty of its landscape, the amazing clarity of the sea and the high mountain that seems to dive into the water.

Besides its beautiful pebble beaches, where you can swim in the crystal clear sea that has a therapeutical effect on your physical and psychological health, Mimice offers the whole range of other possibilities. You can enjoy long walkson macadam roads just below the Omiška Dinara Mountain surrounded by beautiful nature, and visit several interesting caves like Spužarica, Mateškove Špilje, Poklonica, Velika Radomajka, Gubava Spilja.
If you prefer cycling, it is possible to ride to Omiš, a small town near Mimice that lays on the Cetina Estuary. If you go a little bit further, you will reach the beautiful canyon of the Cetina River that flows into the sea.

From spring local people organize excursions to the top of the Kosmatica Mountain that is just above Mimice, boat excursions to the nearby islands and Vrulja, fishing with professional fishermen, theme nights with music, concerts and shows in the old part of the village or in one of many gastronomic facilities near the sea, grape picking in September, fishermen’s nights on waterfront where you can taste an excellent fish stew and enjoy yourself…

mimice-2Mimice has pebble beaches, and besides four local ones, there are several smaller beaches that can be reached only by boat. They are very beautiful and clean.
Near the beaches there are bars and restaurants offering refreshments, barbeque, meat and fish specialities.
Those places are especially fond to locals and guests that enjoy spending summer nights in a wonderful ambient, chatting and relaxing near the sea while listening music.
Equally enchanting are the theme nights organized by local people such as Karaoke nights, Bel canto nights, poetry nights, Puntin Ball dance night, the festivity of St. Rocco, fishermen’s nights…

A gastronomical facility between two local beaches offers daily specialities prepared with fresh ingredients, while one near the supermarket, travel office, souvenir shop and post office offers a great choice of pizzas that can be delivered to your address.
The restaurants and bars near the sea and on the local beaches also offer various high-quality foods that are mildly seasoned which is characteristic of Dalmatian cuisine. In that way all the original flavours are preserved.

mimice-3On your way to the old part of Mimice, we recommend you take a walk through typically Mediterranean narrow streets winding between hundred-year-old stone houses and experience the atmosphere of ancient Mimice.
Don’t forget to visit the works of the Art Colony near and inside the church of St. Rocco.
If this was not enough to get the feel of Mimice, we recommend you visit Carevi dvori tavern in the old part right behind the church. You will be welcomed by a magical Dalmatian ambient, decorated with Mediterranean vegetation and flowers. Here you can always hear the mellow sounds of Dalmatian music and typical songs sung in a traditional sotto voce (under the voice) manner.

Take some time to simply relax on your balcony enjoying the magical colours of the sea, mountain and Mediterranean vegetation of Mimice, Medići and Marušići…

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