Free climbing

Free ClimbingMany European climbers say that Omiš is on the right way to become “Croatian Chamouix”, a central gathering place of not only Croatian, but also European climbers. Now Omiš has 46 equipped climbing routes that makes it one of Croatian most famous free climbing destinations.
However, it is just a beginning. The potential of Omiš cliffs and surrounding mountains is much bigger. The most visited climbing spot is in Planovo on the left riverbank, just 5 minutes away from the center of Omiš. There are equipped climbing routes for beginners as well as for professional climbers.


Cycling Cycling tracks for bikers and everybody else eager for some adrenalin are in the hinterland. The tracks go through the untouched nature and picturesque landscape. Bikers in Omiš prefer a six-kilometer-long track that goes through the Cetina Canyon – from Omiš to Radmanove
mlinice. For those in better physical shape, there is a sixty-kilometer-long track that goes through Omiš, Radmanove mlinice, Kučiće, Zadvarje, Šestanovac, Blato, Gata and back to Omiš.


ParaglidingDue to its unique position on the Cetina Estuary bellow the steep cliffs, it is always windy in Omiš. Paragliding has taken roots in Omiš and became one of the most popular extreme sports. The starting point is a grassy steep of the Omiška Dinara on 380 meters above sea level 10 minutes
away from the village of Čećuci. The safest and mostly used place for landing is the local beach. Due to constant wind, paragliders can stay in air for few hours. For more information, please contact travel agencies in Omiš.

Boat excursions

Boat ExcursionsThe attractive boat excursions offer the possibility of visiting Central Dalmatian islands and their beautiful bays. The view from the sea on the high mountain, blue sky and green vegetation is breathtaking. The boats also go to the Cetina Estuary and Radmanove mlinice, which
is a famous excursion site on the river 4 kilometers away from Omiš. In past it was a mill. In 1910 it was made into villa with a pond and a garden decorated with antique and medieval monuments. Today it is a restaurant where you can enjoy typical Dalmatian specialties and fresh trout from the river. In summer festival of folk songs and dances is organized once a week.

Scuba diving – Vrulja

Scuba diving - VruljaIn many books on scuba diving Vrulja is marked as one of the best diving spots in Europe. It is a place where a steep cliffplunges a hundred meters down directly into the sea. You can reach it by boat only. There you can anchor your boat in the shallow waters and dive towards the
vertical ‘wall’ of the cliff that starts after 20 meters. There is a big opening at a depth of 30 meters out of which the fresh water of the Cetina Rivergushes into the sea. The temperature of the sea is 18 degrees Celsius. The sea life is very rich here with different kinds of colorful sponges and blooming Cnidaria. You can also see big hauls of sea basses and mullets.

Rafting/Kayaking – Cetina

Rafting/Kayaking - CetinaDalmatia is not just the sea. The best proof of that is the Cetina River, hidden behind the mountain, with its beautiful waterfalls and canyons, friendly forests, secret caves, river islands, numerous rapid streams and enchanting old mills. You will be amazed by the view on the
crystal clear river and the surrounding nature reflecting on its surface. You can enjoy white-water rafting. On the peaceful parts, the river will carry you slowly while you enjoy the singing of the birds. The river water is pleasantly warm and ideal for swimming and diving. You can also visit some of numerous caves or refresh yourself with the crystal clear waterfall water. The ride lasts three hours, and no previous experience is needed. For more information, please contact travel agencies in Omiš.

Hiking in Mimice and Omiš

Hiking in Mimice and OmišIf you want to experience Omiš and surrounding area of Poljica first hand, we recommend you take old sandy horse-roads.For those in weaker physical shape, there is an one-hour route that goes from the village of Baučići to the fortress of Starigrad. From here you can come down to
Planovo, which takes additional 20 minutes. You can enjoy a beautiful view on Omiš, the Cetina Canyon and Central Dalmatian islands. For those with more stamina, we recommend a two-hour Omiš-Čećuci-Imber route. It is best to go back down the opposite side of the Omiška Dinara to the village of Podašpilje, and then through the Cetina Canyon. These are just few of many hiking routes near Mimice.

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