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Art colony in Mimice

“There is something stronger than profit and reason. Otherwise, how could we explain pyramids, cathedrals and the works of human spirit?”

said professor Marko Jurić commenting on the works of the Art Colony and its collection of paintings exhibited in the church of St. Rocco in Mimice. All the works were made thanks to hard work of Mladenka Mimica and all others who supported and helped the Colony in various ways. All those works of art have international and intercultural references and they testify to the beauty and joy of creation.

A noble vision of art colony founder – Mladenka Mimica

In 1990 Mladenka Mimica founded an art colony in Mimice. The project called “All-seeing Light” gathered various artists who made a series of paintings that were given to the church of St. Rocco as a kind of votive offering.

There are many paintings from famous artists like Josip Rabuzin, Ljubo Ivančić, Nives Kavurić-Kurtović, Josip Botteri Dini, Mile Skračić, Đuro Pulitika, Milovan Stanić, Josip Veža, Jože Ciuha, Teodora Tomičić, Vasko Lipovac and many others.The following project, named “Light, Love, Peace”, gathered sculptors from seven countries who made their works in stone from Brač. The imposing sculptures were made by: Pero Jakšić(Croatia), Dražen Prlić(Croatia), Mirza Morić(Bosnia and Herzegovina), Laurent(France), Darlot(Norway), Harald Oredam(Norway), Marcos Dominguez(Spain), Niels Tofahrn(Germany), Hugues Brusa(Italy). The aesthetic values of these sculptures made ofsparkling white stone from Brač enriched Mimice with new symbolic attributes permanently changing the landscape and leaving a strong message.

The Colony continued its work…
New sculptures in Brač stone were made: ‘Bird of Love’, ‘Angel’, ‘Boat’, ‘Man and Woman’, ‘Motherhood’, ‘Christ’, ‘Prometheus’, ‘Octopus’…
The works were placed all around Mimice returning back to nature they originated from. The Art Colony organized a ceramics and sculpture symposium named “A Woman Fighting for World Peace”.
Eleven female artists (Zrinka Bajić, Jutta Eberhard, Ulli Heyd, Hedda Katzaros, Romi Stanić-Mimica, Ivana Šitin, Helga Linder, Ulke Muller, Barbara Lorz, Sandra Nejašmić) made paintings, mosaics and sculptures. The following year new sculptures and new works were made: ‘Stone Heads’, ‘Fountain’, ‘Finding’, ‘St. Rocco’, ‘A Tear Weighing One Year’, ‘Back to Future’, ‘The Wave of Time’.

The authors were: Udo Buffler, Dušan Bučar, Harald Oredam, Pero Jakšić, Nikola Džaja, Vinko Pešorda, Filip Rogošić. Nine female ceramic artists from various European countries made works on the theme of “The Garden of Eden”.
The works were placed on the facade of Mladenka Mimica’s house next to a symbolic Archangel of Love. ‘The Garden of Eden’ project continued following years. Artists Helga Kern-Linder, Hedda Katsatos, Romica Stanić Mimica, Anita Šitin and Jasen Čapar made new ceramic plates and forms that now decorate the façade. The following project was “The Way of the Cross”.
Fifteen artists made fifteen paintings depicting the Stations of the Cross for the church of St. Rocco. The artists of different artistic background participated in the project – from academic artists to art students and pupils. The author of the first Station is Luka Mimica. The following Stations were painted by: Kornelija Bajalo, Karin Grenc, Bearix van Hoff, Ana Marija Botteri Petričević, Hrvoje Peruzović, Romi Stanić Mimica, Emmanuelle Roskan, Ana Perišić, Carolyn Boyd Tomasović, Miroslav Tomasović, Zrinka Bajić, Ilze Stanić, Srećko Mimica and Tina Mimica.

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