Famous people from Mimice

People from Mimice have some specific character traits that set them apart from others. Tradition, ancestral solidarity, diligence and intellectual education make a foundation from which this hard-working people prospered in their country, but also worldwide. We will name some of them sharing the surname Mimica according to the field of their activity.


VATROSLAV MIMICA is a film director, screenwriter and producer considered to be one of the most talented Croatian filmmakers. Besides numerous awards for directing, recently he won the Croatian Society of Film Critics life-work award. He is the author of animated and feature films like „In the Storm“, „Prometheus From the Island Of Viševica“, „Kaja, I Will Kill You“ , „The Event“, „Farmer Rebellion“, and many others…
Sergio Gezzan
(Srđan Mimica)

SRĐAN MIMICA(SERGIO GEZZAN) is Vatroslav Mimica’s son. He is Croatian film director, actor and producer with a remarkable Hollywood career. He collaborated with Steven Spielberg as an associate director on films such as „Schindler’s List“, „Jurassic Park“, „Saving Private Ryan“, „Independence Day“, „Amistad“ and many others. He also directed TV series like „Battlestar Galactica – Occupation“, „Battlestar Galactica – Fragged“, „Prison Break“and „The Pillars of the Earth“, a popular TV series that thrilled millions of viewers. He is also a producer of „Terminal“, „Catch Me If You Can“ and many others…

NINA MIMICA is a writer and film director with a successful career in Italy.

VANJA PINTAR-MIMICA is a very successful associate director of many TV series.


IVAN MIMICA Ph.D., is an author of many literary works and an editor of the collection of poems ‘Under the Church-tower’ which is considered an anthological work of poetry of Mimice.
MIRELA MIMICA is an author of numerous children literary works.
SVJETLANA MIMICA is a famous writer and artis t. Here we should also mention her brother Ante Mimica.
Eugenio Mimica Barassi
EUGENIO MIMICA BARASSI is a writer born in Punta Arenas, Chile. He spent his childhood in Porveniro and is a third generation of our emigrants in that country. He is a correspondent member of Chilean Academy, winner of several awards in literature and author of many collections, stories and novels like „Four Masters“, „Enclave For the Relocated“and „Goodbye To Moodiness“.

Medicine – Defectology – Logopedy

MIRO MILORAD MIMICA, Dr. Sc. Med., is a specialized internist and an author of various expert and scientific works.
NINOSLAV MIMICA, Dr. Sc. Med., is his son who works in the field of psychiatry. He is an author of numerous works, regularly awarded for his professional and scientific accomplishments.
MAGDA MIMICA-DUŠANOVA – a psychiatrist.
SUZANA MIMICA – a pediatrician.
MLADEN MIMICA Dr. Sc. Med. – works in the field of internal medicine.
NINO MIMICA a psychiatrist.
ANA-ENA DEMBICH Mimica by birth, a defectologist-logopedist.

Professors of natural and social studies

MARIO MIMICA made a big contribution to education in the field of geography as a president of Central Croatian Cultural and Publishing Society’s branch in Split.
IVO MIMICA MARIN works in the field of Croatian language and literature. He is an editor of the „Punta Newspapers“ where all the important events in Mimice are recorded.


ANTE MIMICA founded the „ Agricultural Cooperative of Mimice “, and his successor ANDRIJA MIMICA made a big contribution to development of Mimice by his work in the Cooperative, NEVEN MIMICA a former Minister of European Integration in Croatia and present Vice-President of the Croatian Parliament.


SREČKO MIMICA, ROMI MIMICA, ILZE MIMICA, STJEPAN MIMICA and MLADENKA MIMICA(who in 1990 founded the Art Colony in Mimice) are painters and sculptors.


MARKO VUKASOVIĆ, DOBROMIR BOBO MIMICA, ZORAN MIMICA are the founders of the „Agricultural Cooperative ORGULA“, that produces olive oil.
There are many gastronomical facilities and shops run by the people from Mimice.

Wine growing, Olive growing

In past the biggest grape growers like mimički plavac in Mimice were the families of ŠJEKINI, TRKANOVI, MAKSOVI and DUŠANOVI. Today many grape growers from Mimice and Marušići continue this tradition.

Physicists, Astrophysicists, Mathematicians, Informaticians

PETAR MIMICA is a very talented young physicist who won doctoral degree in astrophysics and, together with his team, discovered the secret of the most powerful explosions in the universe… DAMIR LELAS(MIMICA on his mother’s side), ANTE MIMICA and many others.


BOŽO MIMICA, is a historian and culturologist, publisher and famous numismatist who has written several historical books.


ANDRIJA MIMICA BABO is a famous agronomic who wrote the book „The Man and the Olive Tree“. He dedicated the majority of his works to wine- growing and olive-growing.

Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering

Famous engineers with the surname Mimica.


There are many lawyers and legal experts with the surname Mimica.


JAKOV JAKIŠA MIMICA is a famous rector and journalist, just like MILOŠ MIMICA, ILIJA MIMICA, VESNA MIMICA, JADRAN MIMICA and many others.


VEDRAN MIMICA is the most successful Croatian architect abroad. He is a longtime director of Dutch Berlage Institute and a lecturer on various architectural faculties around the world. Along with numerous architectural accomplishments, he is also an author of many written works.


dr. JADRAN MIMICA is an anthropologist famous for his researches of Melanesian culture, which he compared with Aboriginal and Amazonian. He published many of his works in various scientific magazines, as well as, in other famous magazines and newspapers all over the world. He lives and works in Sidney, Australia.

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