How to reach Mimice?
You should take the highway from Zagreb to Šestanovac, and then follow the local roads to Zadvarje and Dupci. After reaching the Adriatic Highway you should drive in the direction of Omiš. After few kilometers you will pass through Pisak and Marušići, and come to Mimice.

Where to get detailed information about tourist attractions and programs in Mimice?
In the travel agency/souvenir shop which you can find in the local shopping center together with the post office, exchange office, coffee bar and pizzeria.

Is the accommodation price shown in gross price?
Yes, all fees, taxes,and other expenditures are calculated in the price.
The payment of air conditioning costs is arranged with the owner.

Is cash advance obligatory?
It depends on an agreement with the owner.

Is bedlinen and everything else needed for a pleasant stay included?

Is tap water drinkable?

Are supermarkets opened whole day?
Yes, except on Sunday when they work to 12 pm.

What are the beaches like?
All the beaches in Mimice are pebble beaches.

Do I have to pay entrance to the local beaches?
No, all the local beaches are free to visit.

Is nudism allowed?
It is not allowed on the local beaches, but on the smaller beaches from Medići to Pisak that can be reached by boat, it is allowed.

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