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Soparnik from Mimice

Soparnik MimiceIn the gastronomical offer of Mimice one dish stands out. It is SOPARNIK from Mimice. It is one of traditional dishes of the area that is similar to ‘soparnik’ from Poljica but with a different stuffing. The stuffing is made of Swiss chard, scallions, parsley, dill, fennel, raisins, olive oil, garlic and sugar. ‘Soparnik’ is luscious, and its taste combining the flavors of vegetables, raisins and olive oil is irresistible. (Recipe of: Anka Zohil-Kumićeva from Mimice).


Along with many good restaurants in or very near Mimice, we should also mention the list of the best Croatian restaurants from the guidebook “100 Leading Croatian Restaurants”, written by prof. Karin Mimica Ignatorski. This unique project has been organized for last sixteen years setting the standards of Croatian gastronomy. In the guidebook you can find information about restaurants and the recipes of their specialties together with the descriptions of natural, historical and cultural characteristics of a certain area.


Wine PlavacMimice also offers excellent wines from several winemakers from Mimice and nearby places. The most popular winemakers are Pave and Dijana Marušić, Nikše Mimica and many other who mostly use red wine grape Plavac Mali.

Olive oil

orgula-maslinaMimice has an excellent olive oil – extra virgin and fruttato that has up to 0,33 % of free fatty acid. You can buy it in Orgula Oil Refinery and from several other manufacturers.

Some olive oil manufacturers are the members of Paićuša Association that joins olive growers from Pisak, Mimice, Medići, Marušići and several more nearby places.


Nedjeljko Fistonić
President of association Paićuša

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